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To be able to express what many feel in their hearts is one of his great gifts A beautiful ode to our mothers

Jane Webb


You are full of inspiration and wisdom, Salwa. I felt every word and you made me listen – truly amazing.

– Rhonda Gebrail


Beautiful, magnificant , sensational, inspiring…

– Edgar Khneisser


The pictures you choose to put with each poem give a lovely visual impact to remember each one by, and every word you write goes straight to the heart! Truly captivating!

–  Kasey Hair


Salwa, the beauty about your writing is that it touches the reader, in a very special way, where most can relate in their personal journey and background, to the eloquence and wisdom of your words. Thank you for the inspiration you instill in your readers.  Impressive breadth and depth of your writing and poetry. Your poetry says so much in such a few choice words and the pictures are the icing on the cake. –

–  Anwar George Kenicer


Wow so deep and so emotional! Love that you’re not afraid to tackle the tough issues. I love the imagery in it! The poem structure reminded me a lot of Robert Frost.

– Kristen Rohde


As great actors are able to inhale their new rolls within themselves and transform their being to be the character, you have that gift to make your readers transform themselves into your words….you essentially make us become great actors.

– Asaad Khonaisser


Given you have observed and supported the torment of others, whom have lost in love, I commend you for your grasp on the emotions that a person goes through, in this situation and the way in which you have conveyed this to others, through your words. A hard but accurate truth and lesson in life unfortunately learnt.

– Kellie Anne King


It’s just Magnificence piece of art, I read it over and over, and guess what!! im so attached to it, as it tells the story of my life.

– Rahbani Alaa

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