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Work and Marriage – a progression

Value the workplace

The workplace can be the most stimulating and energizing area of a person’s life. It’s in the workplace that we can showcase our value, as an employee, our significance to the corporation, or business, and our impact on what we personally implement and bring to the workplace.

Certainly, the workplace invigorates us to achieve, encourages us to succeed and determines us to decisively triumph. We do our utmost to make all of the above happen. It’s our duty, isn’t it?

The workplace and our occupation is what provides bread on the table. It’s what feeds our appetite for all things pertaining to life and living.

Or is it?

Work vs marriagemarriage

If you are married, or on the verge of marriage, what would you think if someone told you, that in order for your professional life to succeed your marital life would require work, on your part, for a stimulating, energizing, significant impact. Which in turn, may reward you with a stimulating, supportive, encouraging, and successful marriage?

Akin to our professions and / or jobs, marriage is a work in progress. Marriage is a developing journey. No marriage is perfect. No marriage is at its optimal happiness, at all times. No marriage is habitually supportive, encouraging and uplifting 24 hours a day.

Marriage breakdown

My husband and I have been married for 24 years, we have witnessed many people, within family and friends, endure marriage breakdowns. It’s been both humbling and frightening to view the flippancy with which marriage is behaving. Granted, sometimes, divorce is absolutely required. This article, however, is not about divorce, nor its validity. I want to share the importance of knowing and understanding marriage is a conscience, willing and agreeable work in progress, of which requires both partners to mutually contribute in a productive, constructive, conscientious effort.

Throughout these marriage breakdowns, it has been interesting to witness many of those who vocalised, “I need to get out. I need a fresh start. I can’t do this anymore,” are actually more unhappy, unsatisfied, disgruntled and discontent with their life after their separation. It’s imperative that we understand the grass is never really greener on the other side. The other side is usually filled with problems, difficult situations, troubling issues, providing you with another “work in progress.” Society is somewhat misguided into thinking that if the marriage is dissolved life will be fulfilling, less dramatic, exciting and hopefully successfully passionate.

Maintain your own garden
The grass that’s maintained, at home, if you’re willing, and I know that most are able, is a healthier and happy garden to focus on. Yes, from time to time, that grass will need cutting, of our own self needs, our self-desires, and our self-yearnings. Although, once that grass is cut, and disposed of, what remains is a well manicured lawn of self-awareness, compromise and self-giving, in the endeavour of a continuation to a mutual, loving, supportive and decisive resolve to work, faithfully, towards a fulfilling marriage and partnership.

In every breath you breathe, throughout every day you open your eyes, with every moment you work, play, retreat, make it a mutual, conscientious decision to do marriage “together.” To protect your marriage “together.” It’s a mutual and joint adventure. Marriage is a union of two people, comprising of two different personalities, desires, visions, and ongoing change. It’s a working through two people into a shared and combined effort of determination and strength to accomplish both person’s needs and requirements, endeavours and dreams.

Marriage’s marvelshappy-marriage

The result? A sacred and revering desire to intimately draw closer to one another. The intimacy continues as you work together with your children. Children are the jewels in the marriage crown. Our children are watching our lives. Every reaction we display, in and through our marital union.

Marriage can provide you with so many delicacies. It requires both party’s attention and care. It’s not always an easy outcome, however, it is a doable and rewarding journey.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of marriage, or if you’re in the process of marriage, make sure it’s a marriage that both parties are committed to work through. Endeavour to keep romance and communication alive and well, thriving – prospering from each other.

Above all, honesty and integrity is of utmost importance. In this computer age we co-exit in, temptation follows us wherever we turn. Be honest with your spouse, share your feeling, thoughts, struggles and day’s event, with them. In return, you will experience an ever present intimacy, liberating you, both, to a satisfying, liberating and edifying marriage to be proud of.

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