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It appears I am one of the first people to read your book. I read your first chapter and I was completely hooked! You really know how to make the reader feel the same amount of joy you were going through. There’s a lot of aww moments as well as some humorous moments (your husband’s snoring). I must say I found it very touching and poignant, the more so for the guilessness that it displays , though you will probably not entirely welcome me saying that .  Until the present day childbirth has been very little written about , but you have created a very memorable description of your own experience. You actually did the impossible and made me enjoy a piece of non fiction, it takes true talent to accomplish that.  I love this, six stars!

– Strachan Gordon

Great pitch and exceptional book cover. Drawn into the world of pregnancy, birth and the pains of breast feeding are all too familiar; a book many mothers will identify with. Living with parents is not easy and I like how you explain the hardships whilst at the same time expressing respect for them and their counsel. The frustrations of continued guests and the hustle and bustle of family are skillfully conveyed. At the same time, we see a creeping insecurity, a depression, a nagging uncertainty that begins to take over and the pace starts to accelerate. Post natal depression is a dark place, so dark in fact, it is impossible to see a way out. Suddenly terrified of isolation, and being trapped in a battle, the need for prayer becomes all the more crucial. You have your readers on their toes at this point, desperate to know what happens. The sadness, panic, torment and deception you express are often traits of the aftermath of birth but this is somehow different, somehow more poignant. With the blessing of motherhood, we also see the aloneness and the suffering of a mother without love and without help. But the most uplifting, encouraging part of this book is chapter 3. As a Christian, there is hope. The author is inspired by God—a very real bonus in times of trouble. I was appalled at the psychiatric assessment, although understood the tactic for what it was. Not knowing or experiencing the development of James must have been so traumatic. The poems at the end of each chapter are beautiful, as moving as they are. I read through to chapter 4, not wanting to put it down. High stars for such a valiant endeavor. I am in awe of your faith and strength.

– Claire ~ Chasing Pharaohs.

An autobiographical story of one mother’s battle with post-natal depression following the birth of her first child, aggravated by living too closely at first with relatives, then plunged into the loneliness of living in small town Australia.

In Chps. 1-4 the author chronicles her support from her religious beliefs, and from her relationship with her husband, and own inner strength. The book is presented in an accessible linear-narrative style, and the chapters are a blend of prose and poetry written by the author. The poetry is creative and imaginative, with metaphors that express a deeper levels of meaning; I found these a particularly attractive feature of this work.

This is an interesting book that many new parents will relate to, and in particular how the dream of parenthood is confronted with the daily reality of caring for one or more children. The ambivalence of parenthood, particularly regarding relationships with spouse and the extended family, is captured well. The joy and the pain – physical and emotional – as well as the doubt and confusion of caring for a new child – are all themes that will find an echo among many new parents. As a grand-parent myself, I was interested in the cultural dimensions of the book too, particularly on the reaction of the author’s Lebanese parents to their grandchild.

– Colin Neville

I felt addicted reading the first couple paragraphs of your book. The order and the specific words you have chosen caused me to become part of the story. As I was reading deeper into your chapters, it hit home that my wife experienced similar emotions. I do not believe there is anything out there today, that describes in vivid detail, your experience. This piece is a wonderful reference to those that are going through this phase, and possibly a great source for recovery and understanding. You have a gift of expressing emotions into words that come to life in our hearts.

– A. Child

Your writing of the English language is poetic. Then, I read your poems. Your story of motherhood is vivid. The real life story reminds me of the great Native American novel: “House Made Of Dawn.”  The author, N. Scott Momaday, crafted a series of poems into stories, and finally into a novel that won the pulitzer Prize.  I love the story.

– David Schild

You are a natural storyteller, and I enjoyed every chapter of your book. I love the poems at the end of each chapter – that feature is very unique. I love the inclusion of information about Lebanese culture, and I found that really fascinating.  The facts about depression in chapter eleven are very informative, and your struggle and strength are humbling. The ending was perfect – people definitely become either “bitter or better”. The end chapter was definitely my favourite, partly because I had seen what you had endured through the previous chapters.

– L_MC

A very elegant and tender book. I think from the onset we are drawn into your poet’s world with your encompassing narrative. I like the form of narrative followed by poems, and think because of your intelligent take on life we are enthused about the details you provide us. I think writing is often best when it is like this, it is honest, it is from the heart and therefore the narrative is very natural.
– Grace_Gallagher

There is a tenderness in your writing I haven’t come across. With your wonderful descriptions you brought me ever close into your life. And it’s astonishing how much we have in common. I, too, am independent minded. I married outside the Romanian community . Your writing is immensely beautiful, Salwa.


Salwa writes an intimate story of a slice of her life. The up and downs. The mental battles. Raw, real and honest. A great start for a new author. Cannot wait for another book from her.

– C. Thornhill

This is no ordinary book: how could it be for a person who has endured so much? This is the compelling story of a person who has battled despair and burden. Salwa provides hope and passion, with words that transcend gender, age and situation. A great read.

– Fred T

A well written and easy to read true story
This is a true story about Salwa and what she went though after having her children. Postnatal depression is very real and can be crippling. So many women go through it and have no idea what it is or what to do (like me) and suffer in silence with no support. Salwa has written this in a very open and honest way and gives insight into what it is like and what you can do. If you have had a baby , are thinking of I or know someone who is/has, I highly recommend this book to you. Understanding helps bring healing and relief, and that what you’ll find in this book. Thank you so much for sharing your story so as to help others, you are wonderful!

– Love to read!

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