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Social Media Stifle

We live in a society that seems to define itself via social media.

Each and every one of us, from time to time, stand on the scales of self worth, weighing our success or failures by means of our social media presence and posts. Social media has a way of feeding us. We wake to social media. Feed our stomachs with its current posts. Swallow its varieties of social food, and eventually have a gut full of stomach aches.

Social media can consume our lives, our very existence, if we’re not careful to tame it. I made a conscience decision six months ago to take a four month break off Facebook. I’m very active on Facebook. One of the reasons why I chose to fast four months off Facebook was to test and try myself in the absence of such a potency – social media.

Social Media Doesn’t Defisocial-mediane

I needed to come to the knowledge and acceptance that social media doesn’t define who I am. It’s not who I am. It’s not my means for significance, importance or value. Social media is simply something I’m a part of and able to utilise as a tool, rather than myself being its tool, working hard to keep up with it all.

Throughout my time away from Facebook I came to a discovery. My self worth is sufficient enough. My very own person, whether on social media, or not, has substance that social media cannot give me. The world appeared different. I started noticing more things around me. I was able to separate myself from the online world that keeps so many of us, full to the brim.

Nature spoke to me, as only nature can. The quiet was refreshing and invigorating. The disconnection had me embracing life around me. I became challenged and aware to other areas in my life that I knew I needed to pay more attention to.

Living life out of Social Media

Life was being lived in the physically, natural realm, as opposed to an online platform. I could see, feel, touch hear, witness the emotions, thoughts, and actions of those around me, compsocialared to reading the posts a person happens to share. Boundaries were adhered to. The sound of laughter was the sweet harp of a group of friends. Deciding g and maintaining the time of separation, from social media, became extremely pleasant and liberating!

Self worth, self preservation isn’t dependent on the amount of time we spend on social media. Nor, is it incumbent on requiring to know everything about everyone, neither feeling you’ve missed out because you’re not up to date with it all, in your absence.

Social media can and does stifle many things in day to day living. Self worth and preservation of our life and living out our lives is distinctly in who we are, as people, as individuals, with aspiration, talents, dreams, relationships and with our very own selves.

Allow yourself to take time away from social media, its a sure way of feeling alive, again.


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