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Salwa’s SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Content writing is aimed at identifying, to the prospective customer, the ethos of the individual, business or corporation of the particular website, for its most effective optimization and results. Consumers, nowadays, want things given to them at the tip of their fingers, thus, content writing enables quick access to what the potential customer is looking for, addressing the most important points of the particular service. This type of content writing is intended to produce the crucial part of website pages being viewed, focusing in on relative words for the best optimization of web searching. An example of website content writing would be the ‘About Us’ page that most websites possess.



Salwa’s Website Writing is focused on generating profit. Salwa’s vision is to produce content and publicity material to increase page views, enticing the content to “go viral.” Therefore, Salwa produces website content that is creative, SEO optimized, and interactive for the prospective customer to experience the easy-to-read and engaging content.

Critical thinking skills, socially perceptive, dependable, research and achievement-driven; is what harmoniously applies in Salwa’s website content writing. Attention to detail is paramount to Salwa’s writings and she demonstrates her abilities in and through the detailed content.

Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.–Sierra Bailey


press-releaseSalwa provides Press Releases which characteristically contains impacting news or recent exploits of a business, company or organization. Press releases are to inform the world about current developments, creating a positive impression of the organisation, coupled with the frequently asked questions of who, what, why, where, when and how of the organisation’s press release intended.


Salwa’s Article writing is authoritatively and confidently about the topic of the article. It is vitally important to Salwa to have researched the subject matter of the intended article, thus, enabling the reader to know that the article holds weight and can be trusted. Salwa’s spends much of her time researching, seeking and studying any subject matter that may be required to be written in article form. Factual and correct information is paramount for a successful article.article-1

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