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Racism, it’s a word that we hear and read about so frequently, nowadays.

Discrimination against race, or creed should never be tolerated. We have witnessed, throughout the pages of history, how ugly, unjust and heinous racism is when it’s alive and well, and penetrating, in our society. Men and women have fought, throughout the ages, regarding the equality for race, and rightly so.

However, are there groups, individuals or the media using the racists card for their own agenda’s? This is a question we require to ask of ourselves, especially in this age of political correctness.

Depicting Australia

Three years ago, I was asked to contribute to an Australian Anthology. I readily and happily accepted. The theme of the Anthology was to depict Australia.

My objective was to think carefully and creatively regarding the means of how to depict Australia. It was requested, of me, to write in prose and poetry. This was going to be quite a challenge. However, I love challenges, therefore, took this project on with eagerness and anticipation.

One of my main focus areas was to depict the essence of Australia. The love and friendliness of the people. The fair go attitude of this nation. The “Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free,” mantra.

How did I achieve my vision? By starting with our wonderful, inspirational and fascinating indigenous people – the Aborigines.

Australia’s Natives

I searched and researched and delved myself into the Aboriginal culture. What an amazing, productive and longevity of tenacity, livelihood and rich traditions the Aboriginal people had and continue to have! The love and respect for family, heritage and the desire to keep their cultural legacy alive was exemplary. I learned much and I began to love much about our indigenous people. I titled my story, “Dreams Didgeridoo.”

Racism and Australia

Only recently, in Australia, we’ve had the perception of racism spreading and growing to an impressional amount. The media, our leaders and our sports men and women have had concerns regarding Australians being racist.

Australia has always been a multicultural society, embracing the diversity, differences and cultures of the many people who live, work and play, in this nation of ours.

Having researched and honed in, a little closer, into Australia and its dynamics, regarding race, I must give verification of a time when Aborigines were mistreated, unfairly, unequally and with an enormous amount of injustice. It was a time, in history, that was unfavourable and greatly unwarranted. Thankfully, a national apology was given to our natives, the Aborigines, and the acknowledgement of the injustices enacted by our forefathers.

We are a multicultural society and we embrace other cultures. Australians are a fair and laid back people. Casual and caring in our attitudes, thoroughly enjoying and experiencing the arrays of the multicultural experience, ranging from friendships, foods, festivals, restaurants, the many advantages different cultures have brought to the workplace, neighbourhoods and sporting arenas of Australia has been welcomed and included.

Maybe an agenda?

Although, some people like to corrupt the Australian way of life by bringing to the forefront a very serious topic, a very important topic, such as, racism. Using racism for their own purpose. I believe this is happening right here and now, in Australia.

Adam Goodes is a brilliant football player. He’s had his fair share of taunts and triumphs, on the football field. The past few days Australia has been bombarded with the news of “booing,” during one of Adam Goodes’ games. Yes, there has been booing towards Goodes. Yes, there have been unjustifiable scoffs, jeering and mockery concerning Goodes with a few ignorant people, not, Australia, as a whole.

Currently, the latest account of booing has caused Goodes to ride the racism train. Why have I labelled this incident “riding,” simply because many Australians do not believe, me being one of them, that this current incident of booing has anything to do with racism. Nor, does it have anything to do with the Australian people being racists, or, for that matter, Australians trying to trample Goodes’ nationality and background. The booing of the Australian people, within the football crowds, is simply about Goodes on field attitude. His behavior. His poor sportsmanship. His desire to revenge with his tribal dancing displays.

Racial or revenge?

Goodes’ attempt to make this racial is simply not true. Here is an indigenous man, an Australian who has the opportunity to rise above these sort of incidents and be an example to the Australian public and to his people, however, Goodes’ has chosen to incite racial division.  Australia is proud of their indigenous sports people. They are talented. Loved. Admired.

Racism is unacceptable and should never be tolerated. Goodes’ should be mature and enlightened to know that he has an opportunity to set an example for sports people who may follow through to represent this country. Instead, because of the booing, regarding what most thought about his sportsmanship, rather, than racism, Goodes appears to be determined to avenge one or two, in the crowd, by labelling all of Australians as racists.

His example should be the fair and standing of sportsmanship, rather than the seduction of playing the racism card. Goodes’ had the opportunity to do so, instead he chose to raise an issue that was irrelevant to the booing.

Racism is not part and parcel of the Australian culture.

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