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You have so much talent in getting your feelings into words, it astounds me.

– Anastasia Constantinou


Poetically lovely – like the one who wrote it.

– Shirl Hair


Salwa provided us with an outstanding poem, used to recognise and celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary. All we did was provide some basic facts and thoughts, and Salwa did the rest. Her inventive style shone through; we look forward to once again utilising her professional writing skills

– Fred Taweel – Chief Internal Auditor at Teachers Mutual Bank


This Poem is just amazingly powerful, yet gentle. I love this. Thank you for letting me read it.  I have to admit I’m not big on poetry. But this grabbed me from the start. Keep writing, it will bring a lot of people joy.

– Erica Mitten


I am well aware of your versatile approach and love the honesty that is reflected in all your expressions.

– Vibhu Ashok

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