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LinkedIn or LinkedOut


Have you ever noticed LinkedIn being quite noticeably LinkedOut?  LinkedIn proposes a network of people linking up to each other, making professional connections and sharing like minded information and subject matters, in a professional manner. In fact, the following is LinkedIn’s mission of who and what LinkedIn is all about…
Connect. Find. Be foundBuild your professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates.
Power your careerDiscover professional opportunities, business deals, and new ventures.
Learn and shareGet the latest news, inspiration, and insights you need to be great at what you do.

Interestingly enough, many people are quite frustrated with LinkedIn and, therefore, link out, not bothering to be active on it, even though they’ve registered their professional profile to LinkedIn.

I am a writer. Being a writer comes with being observant – observing people and personalities, observing posts and interactions, observing connections and disconnections, also observing outcomes and statistics.

Upon my many observations, I read, hear and view people sharing their disdain concerning LinkedIn. There are many that are frustrated and simply leave LinkedIn, by the wayside.


Connect. Find. Be foundaccording to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users share with me that they, unfortunately, don’t find many connections. Their experience is that if they are connected, on LinkedIn, there is no visible interactive connection, as such. LinkedIn users can simply discover this for themselves by viewing posts and the interactions, they seem scarce and unfulfilling. Many post have no interaction, at all, which in turn, can become very frustrating to LinkedIn users.

Yes, users on LinkedIn, can find and be found, however, what happens after that initial finding and connection? Not much, according to users I’ve spoken to. It’s somewhat like a fishing trip, with no fish to enjoy.

Power yolinkedinur careeraccording to LinkedIn?

How many LinkedIn users have had our careers powered by being a LinkedIn user? I’ve been doing the ask around from users, in their messages and not many have, in fact, not one LinkedIn user said that their careers have been empowered, or improved by being a LinkedIn user.

Am I sounding and reading a bit negative? I don’t like to be, really, unfortunately, these are the solid facts of my own interviews of LinkedIn users. LinkedIn user’s experience has not been productive, or involved with new ventures, as ascribed by LinkedIn in their “about,” descriptions. This lack of interaction and productivity has caused users to stop logging in to LinkedIn and spending more time on other social networks sites, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the likes. At least, on those social network sites, there’s lively interaction, I’m told.


Learn and shareaccording to LinkedIn?

Yes, all users should and can give credit to LinkedIn in the areas of learning and sharing. There’s an array of information to learn from on LinkedIn, and I believe, we should be appreciative to LinkedIn for that. Sharing is greatly accessible and at hand, to utilise. Although, this is where the dilemma and contradictions concerning LinkedIn. Sharing does not always bring about the connections, or the interaction users on LinkedIn long and hope for, in fact, quite the opposite. No matter what users seem to share, whether its trending, relevant, and interesting, interaction is low on LinkedIn, compared to other social media websites, as per the feedback I’m receiving from LinkedIn users.


Should we remain LinkedIn to LinkedIn?

The beauty here is the tenacity of humanity and their desire to connect and the need for being linked is prevalent. Everywhere we go, everywhere we’re at and anywhere we work, live and play, people desire and long to be “in.” Therefore, I believe, with that in mind
users should remain on LinkedIn. It is a platform for all professional information to be stored and shared, if required. Users of LinkedIn remain hopeful for one or two connection that may develop into many and more connections, interactions and opportunities.

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