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Embrace our differences

Is there anything more beautiful than the differences between a man and a woman? The intended differences for the wellbeing and complement of the two genders.
Is there anything more fascinating than the dynamics of the male and female? A union that teaches us and enlightens us in so many ways.
Is there anything more inspiring and frustrating than our diversity and our ability to embed into our lives the thrilling motley mix of the male and female?
Take time to really contemplate the beauty and assorted variances of the opposite sex.

Embrace and delight in the very differences. Maybe, suddenly, you’ll notice a true understanding of why we were intended to have different functions, on an equal level.
There is none more higher than the other. There is none more dominant than the other. Just two opposites that are intended, equally, to shine in their very own gender – help meeting, endorsing, stimulating, complementing, representing the expression of one with the other.


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