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Coveting the new comer

Prospective Employee

The organisation you’re working for has opened up a new position. It’s a position you’ve been longing to possess, for quite some time, now. There was talk around the table, at work, that this position was going to be advertised for those in your department. You know it’s the role for you. You’re confident that you were the one in mind, when this position was created. You’ve worked so hard, for many years. You’ve proven your abilities, loyalty and your innovative talents, to your workplace and within your position. This is your time, now. Your time to shine and move forward.

Then… suddenly…the announcement is made. The upcoming position will be opened to others, within your department and outside your organisation. You’re understandably, completely gutted, to say the least! For years you’ve committed your hours, days, and overtime, to prove your worth. Many moments and occasions sacrificed to demonstrate your loyalty, only to have what you’ve worked for – the promotion, the elevated advancement, which could see your career soar to greater heights, opened up to a stranger.

Selection Process

The time to sell yourself has arrived. Preparation and willingness is at its peak. You’ve planned the words to say, the pitch to lock you in to the upcoming position. You’ve got it all worked out. It’s exciting, thrilling and you’re quite sure you have this one in the bag. Surely, your superiors have noticed your efforts, your outstanding contribution to the organisation, and your willingness to go that extra mile, for the advancement of the organisation. The interview went exceptionally well. You’re more than confident that this position will be offered to you, and all should work to plan. You’ve been informed that the successful candidate will be notified within the coming week. You’re quietly confident that the job is going to be awarded to none other than, you!  coveting

Successful Candidate Selected

Nerves have been invading your days, relentlessly, since the interview. For the love of all that is good, you so desperately want to know how you feared in the interview. You’ve had moments of elated anticipation, yet, other instances of dreadful doubt, questioning yourself on whether you answered this, or that question, or suggestion, correctly, throughout the interview? Were you suitable enough for their selection process? Did you articulate yourself adequately? Or, did you communicate a little too much? Agony is at your doorstep, grinding away at your thoughts, with expectations and doubts.

Your mobile phone interrupts you, out of your contemplation’s. It’s the call! It’s the call you’ve been fretting about! It’s the call you’ve been anticipating. Composing yourself to not sound, or appear too overly expectant, you manage a few slow breaths and in calm serenity, outwardly, yet inwardly, shaking like a leaf, you answer the long awaited call.

In utter silence you disconnect from the call. You cannot believe the outcome, disillusioned, you stand stunned, not knowing how to react. You didn’t get selected for the position! Gutted, downcast and enormously discouraged you wondered where you went wrong. What happened in that interview that caused you to be unsuccessful? Reeling in utter shock you take a seat to mull over the entire process. The time and preparation spent, the long hours of work throughout the past years, and the effort to go that extra mile, all to come down to a grave rejection.

Coveting the New Comer

Today, is the day the person who has been appointed to the new position, commences. How do you control your outrage? How can you possibly allow this person, who has come off the street, into your workplace, the workplace you dedicated yourself to, for so many years, the workplace that has taken a piece of your pride, self-assurance and affirmation, and allowed a stranger to fill and work in the position, that you believed you alone deserved?

Introductions are made. Your new colleague seems lovely, charming and endearing. An aura of pzazz radiates from his personality, and that irks you to no end! The new employee virtually seems too hard to dislike. Watching him for the first day is torture! Everyone seems to get along with him, he’s fitting in exceptionally well, and then there’s…you. Unsatisfied, dreadfully wanting to shift what’s happening in the office environment, yet, unable to revert the situation, at hand.

Weeks and months pass by. The new colleague is now part of the furniture and succeeding well, at his job. You’re still so frustrated and confused. Time isn’t helping to heal any of your exasperations. Everyone in the office is happy, satisfied and working alongside their colleague. All you can think about is the hard work you’ve contributed for the long period of time you’ve dedicated to this organisation. All you can concentrate on is the injustice of the entire situation. Granted, you’re still working at your job, succeeding, being the perfect employee, but, inwardly you feel unappreciated and hard done by.

Bearing the Unbearable, Happily

What to do? Where to go? How to react? These questions have been lurking about in your mind, and lingering thoughts, for months. Considerations and deliberations on whether to make a change, leave the organisation, and simply move on.

In an epiphany of the moment you come to a point of asking yourself, “What has changed?” Realising that the only thing that has changed is that you didn’t get the position. There’s another person in that position that didn’t and hasn’t worked as hard as you have, within your organisation. You still love your job, enjoy your work and have the opportunity to rise to greater heights, within your workplace.

covetYou’ve been recognised by your superiors, you’ve also been awarded with bonuses that have gone a long way, and now you know you’re beginning to realise you can utilise the disappointment and work it to your advantage. Therefore, you decide to refrain from the negativity that has consumed you, for months.

You make a conscience decision to move away from coveting the newcomer’s position, which has interrupted your focus. You decide to conscientiously deny the dark thoughts that have tried to divert you from future prospects. It’s simply a decision. Solely a choice, and a choice you’re willing to make, for the good of your future, and your future vocation.

Happily, you’ve decided to un-peel yourself from the burden that has clothed you throughout these past months. You’re ready and willing to change your attire to a healthy, productive employee. There’ll be other positions, other opportunities, and surprisingly they may be more enticing than the former position. It’s a new mindset that you’ve decided to adopt, and remarkably it seems to be working for you!

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