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Culture in the Workplace

Australian Culture
Australia is a diverse and dynamic country to live in. It’s embellished with cosmopolitan charisma, cultural character and ethnic equality. Australian’s love to boast about the multi-cultural and pluralistic country, they call home. The many cultural highlights that the workplace, public arenas, neighbourhoods and professional sectors offers is both enlightening and educational.

Australia truly prides itself in its ability to connect and join together with the varieties of nationalities, cultures and ethnic groups. The array of restaurants, cafes, added to the assortments of choice in experiencing these enjoyable cultures is simply gratifying.

Australian’s have a culture of their own. The typical Australian is laid back. They love to banter with the best of them. Their insatiable love for the outdoors and the Aussie barbeque, mixed with sun, surf and a multitude of family and friends is just part of the Aussie way of life. The Australian ever-present jolly and outspoken personalities can be confronting to some. They possess that quirky sharp tongue and whiplash-fast retorts, which separates them apart, as a breed of their own.

Most Australian’s say things as they see them, and are not entirely occupied with prettying a situation up. Their blunt honesty and casual conduct can be uncomfortable to some, but to an Australian it’s part and parcel of being a true blue Aussie.

Australians have a knack to be able to relate to many different cultures. Australian’s thoroughly relish in interaction at the multi facets of this diverse nation.

Other cultures

In the workplace and online, we are met by many differing individual cultures and nationalities. It’s quite an array, especially, online. Throughout my online experience of other cultures and nationalities, I’ve learned to be very considerate of that specific person. We need to understand, and appreciate that the online world is a silent world. What do I mean by silent? Well, I refer here to not being able to hear a person’s voice or see their gestures, therefore, our approach to content, or to comments may be so very different to another person’s approach.

One culture may be very expressive and forthcoming, while another culture may view expression and forth coming comments as being offensive or rude. One nationality may behave in an overly friendly manner, as opposed to another nationality that may view the excessive friendliness as overbearing and unwarranted. It’s these areas that we need to keep in mind, when interacting with multi-cultured people, online.

The same nculture-1otion also applies to the workplace. As part of the work culture, there are so many diverse people, of different nationalities that behave according to their culture. Further, they may conduct themselves rendering to their beliefs, values, or expression, due to their nationality. The cultural demeanour, in the workplace, may also cause a different approach of how each person tackles their work, thus, performing accordingly to their cultural viewpoint.

Some cultures are high achievers, while other cultures may be a little happy to go with the flow. Some people, culturally, take the work principles to the highest of conformit ies, whereas, others may culturally be a bit more relaxed, with their principles. There are some ethnic groups who have been ingrained in working hard, long and durably, with passion and resolve. While other ethnicities can be unperturbed, have no need to work under strict, lengthy and tiresome resolution. They’re happier to play it by ear and do what needs to be done, without going that extra mile.

National Culture

When speaking of culture, I need to address our very own national culture, no matter what nation we’re from, I do think this applies. I have lived in the city and the country and there is a huge difference in the way the city folk and country dwellers relate, communicate, and interact. City people are fast and furious, in many ways. Country people are easy going and take their time, they tend to play it by ear, so to speak. City people seem to be vigorous in their online and professional networking. While country people like to sit back, contemplate, then, connect with their workmates, or online friends. Country people like to weigh up all options. City people love to take risks and can be quite impulsive. Therefore, in our own backyard, there are varied cultures, and we, as business owners, employers, employees, or online users, need to be careful to consider each and every individual we interact with.

Cultivate Culture – Online and in your Workplace

I believe it’s imperative, online and professionally, to develop a sensitivity to the different cultures of each person we interact with, or have connections to. The reason being, is many things can go terribly wrong, online and professionally, if we don’t take these dynamics into consideration. Misunderstandings can be had. Unnecessary disagreements may unfold, when they could have been spared. If we keep in mind each person, and their cultural tendencies, we will not be so easily offended, or affronted by comments, interactions and work dealings. Greater understanding and insight will begin to resonate, resulting in these daily connections being a much more comfortable, productive, enjoyable and inspiring relationship to be a part of.

Let’s all try to cultivate culture by nurturing our cultural difference.culture-2

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