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Aside from writing, culture, design, health and fitness, I love to cook. I love to share my cooking and healthy treats with my viewers.


Episode 1: Arabic Coffee

Arabic Coffee is my very first video. Here is where I share, with my viewers, how to authentically make Arabic Coffee. I am of Lebanese origin, even though I was born in Wellington New Zealand, I love and practice everything from my Lebanese culture. The Lebanese people like to separate the froth from the coffee top, whereas, most European countries prefer the froth to remain on top. It would have thrilled me if my viewers could have smelled the Arabic coffee, however, technology hasn’t come that far, as yet I do hope you enjoy watching this video and all being well, make yourself a jug of delicious Arabic coffee. Enjoy!

Episode 2: Spinach Smoothie

Health and fitness are very important to me. It’s a lifestyle I live and a journey I’m continually on. During the weekdays I only allow myself to eat fruit, vegetable and nuts. I workout 6 days a week , giving my body one day’s rest. I drink water throughout the weekdays, only. I don’t allow myself to have any alcohol or soft drinks. These I only permit on the weekends. I also fast two days a week. A no food fast, only drinking liquids, from water to carrot juice, although, I sometimes only have water. The Spinach Smoothie video is a smoothie I have made for quite a few years. My immediate family and my relatives all love it and appreciate the healthy benefits of this smoothie. It’s very easy to make, completely refreshing and well worth the try. Not to mention, spinach is very healthy. Do try the spinach smoothie!


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