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    Duality  There is always two sides to a coin. Hence, there’s always a duality attributed to one subject matter. Objectivity is informative, explanatory and illustrative. Objectivity offers us the suggestion of confronting issues with a forbearance of an open mind. An open mind merits us with the ability to rightly discern. Discernment cultivates a viewpoint. This is where you, the reader/observer, hold your position of opinion.   Black […]Read More »
  • Islamic Sects

    Islamic Sects

    Knowledge is gold Currently, we’re living in an era infused with a common concern and threat. A day doesn’t go by where we’re not reading, or hearing the word “Islam and Muslim’s.” It’s beneficial for us as a society, as a community and throughout the globe to remain informed concerning these ongoing concerns rising from […]Read More »
  • Considering Romance….in the workplace?

    Considering Romance….in the workplace?

    The “that” Question Eyes wide open now, yes, I’m going to pull out the “that” question. Does romance in the workplace work for employees and employers? We’re all aware that romance in the workplace does happen. Colleagues working together closely, diligent in getting the job done, mutually, accompanied with long hours, daily. Is it so […]Read More »
  • Islam, Fascism and Western Democracy

    Islam, Fascism and Western Democracy

    Ever since the horrific events of 2001 there has been an enormous rise in Islam, in the economic, business, educational and workplace sectors. It is important, as citizens, communities, business owners, families and educators, we remain on the forefront and informed in areas that may impact our spiritual, family, educational, financial and business dynamics, consequently, bringing in change […]Read More »
  • Social Media Stifle

    Social Media Stifle

    We live in a society that seems to define itself via social media. Each and every one of us, from time to time, stand on the scales of self worth, weighing our success or failures by means of our social media presence and posts. Social media has a way of feeding us. We wake to […]Read More »
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