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  • Racism


    Racism, it’s a word that we hear and read about so frequently, nowadays. Discrimination against race, or creed should never be tolerated. We have witnessed, throughout the pages of history, how ugly, unjust and heinous racism is when it’s alive and well, and penetrating, in our society. Men and women have fought, throughout the ages, […]Read More »
  • Islam, Fascism and the Western World

    Islam, Fascism and the Western World

    Of late, I’ve been extensively researching world views. I’ve been mostly focusing on Islam, Fascism, Communism, and many empires history has provided. The past two years, In the investigate research I have discovered similarities between Islam and Communism. You may be asking, why would a woman, a business woman, a mother and wife, in a […]Read More »
  • Work and Marriage – a progression

    Work and Marriage – a progression

    Value the workplace The workplace can be the most stimulating and energizing area of a person’s life. It’s in the workplace that we can showcase our value, as an employee, our significance to the corporation, or business, and our impact on what we personally implement and bring to the workplace. Certainly, the workplace invigorates us […]Read More »
  • Coveting the new comer

    Coveting the new comer

    Prospective Employee The organisation you’re working for has opened up a new position. It’s a position you’ve been longing to possess, for quite some time, now. There was talk around the table, at work, that this position was going to be advertised for those in your department. You know it’s the role for you. You’re […]Read More »
  • Not in my Job Description

    Not in my Job Description

      We’ve all read those words, maybe heard them, or for that matter, spoken the words, ourselves. It’s rare, nowadays, to enter into a position, without signing and adhering to some sort of contract, drawn up as your Job Description. A job description usually contains the duties you’re required to perform, the purposes of the […]Read More »